New Philippine passport requirements

By | November 24, 2007

Update —— September 14, 2011 ——

The DFA has implemented a new passport processing system. Philippine passport applications and appointments must now be done online via the official DFA passport application website at

You will no longer need to bring passport-sized pictures since your picture shall be taken at the DFA premises. Here are the guidelines that you need to follow when having your picture taken at the DFA Enrollment Section:


We were finally able to apply for CJ’s passport yesterday, Friday, for our upcoming trip this December which was, as expected, accompanied by the usual hassles prevalent when applying for, or securing, any government license, certification or identification document.

We just found out that the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) recently issued new passport application guidelines, specifically on the new colored photo requirement where the photo of the applicant should be taken against a royal blue background.

We already had a passport-sized picture of CJ taken a month ago with a white background, the old requirement. And it’s a good thing that Conne checked out the DFA website to verify the requirements, otherwise she would have wasted a trip to the DFA office if she brought along CJ’s old pictures. And so we had a new set of CJ’s pictures taken last Thursday, his 2nd birthday.


Update: Here’s a link to the new PASSPORT PHOTO GUIDELINES dated August 14, 2008: and you can download the PDF file here:

105 thoughts on “New Philippine passport requirements

  1. Liz

    Hello again me-an

    I applied on 9-18-08 & I recvd my passport from the mail on 10-24-08….exactly 5 weeks.

    Noon araw, dito lang sa San Francisco Consulate ginagawa. If you go in person, isang araw lang tapos na. Kung by mail one week lang. Kaya matagal ngayon kasi pindadala nila sa Manila dahil wala silang pambili ng equipment. Mahirap kasi ang Pinas….ha,ha,ha. Happy trip pala kung uuwi ka sa atin.

    1. jasmine

      dont get me wrong.. did you just laugh at us (Philippines) when you said these words?

      Kaya matagal ngayon kasi pindadala nila sa Manila dahil wala silang pambili ng equipment. Mahirap kasi ang Pinas….ha,ha,ha.

      suddenly i remember Bob Ong’s wordings:

      Walang masama kung gusto mong lisanin ang barkong sa tingin mo’y palubog na. Basta’t wag mo lang hahagisan ng anumang pabigat ang barko habang pinagsusumikapan itong isalba ng ibang tao.”

      1. Rayskie

        Grabe ka naman, Daw saan ka galing… NANGLALAIT NG SARILING BAHAY… Ang yabang mo…
        Mamatay ka rin.. iuuwi ka pa rin sa hukay … at baka di mo alam.. sa Pinas ka rin lalamayan

    2. david

      excuse, can’t help but take notice na masyado mababa tingin mo sa Pinas…Obviously, Pinoy ka rin dahil tagalog ka magsalita..di komo anjan ka na sa bayan ng Banyaga me karapatan ka ng LAITIN ANG BAYAN MONG PINAGMULAN..Mahiya ka sa BALAT MO, kahit sinasabi mong mahirap ang PINAS at pinagtatawanan mo ..marami pa ring PINOY na DI GAYA mo na kahit anjan pa sa ibang bansa halos LUMAKI AT NAGKA-ISIP , PINOY pa rin sa PUSO’T ISIP.

  2. dharleen

    hi pj i need some help here. my husband is in the us and it’s filing of taxes again there. he needs our son’s passport who is just 2 months old so he can apply for my son’s TIN. what are the requirements that i need in order to get a passport for him? your response is appreciated. email me [email protected] thanks!

  3. PJ Post author

    Hi Dharleen,

    When we applied for our son, CJ’s, passport when he was about 2 years old, my wife just went to the DFA in person and submitted a Certificate of Legitimacy.

    You can check this page out for the passport requirements for minors:

    I hope this helps.


  4. RedHat


    Thank you for this informative blog. I would like to ask about the return envelope. Since our whole family (me, my wife and daughter) will be applying do I need to prepare 3 return envelope (with USPS Express mail postage) or just 1 return envelope will do.

    Thank you.

  5. JAY

    hello…ask q lang po qng ano ung mga requirements sa pagqha nang passport ung compl8 list po sna………bago lng po kc..tnx

  6. katherine

    hello pj,
    good day! i have this senario that i’am going through. i was working here in florida as seasonal worker and my visa is about to expired in three more months and same as my passport too, so i decided and came up on looking in the net to find new job and it just so happend that the job i landed is in canada. my problem is this, i have to renew my passport as fast and as soon as possible. i tried to call the nearest consular office here in florida and thier office was located in fort lauderdale and they told me that the processing will took about four months. so i need to find other ways to renew it.can you please help me on how to find ways to renew my phil passport while i’am here in america?, please help me!

    thank you, enjoy the rest of the day!


  7. laila laguerta

    hello po ask ko lang po kung ano po ang requirements nang nagpa change sure name? thank u po

  8. jhenz24

    hi evryone,,i hope somebody can help me here..i have misspell name but thats already correct now so thats already good..but now some of my id are not same place wr i is that realy a big problem again or they dnt care bout the place only some other stuff?plzz rply mhe and anyway where is a good place photoshop that they can make a good picture and the dfa.will accept the pics.

  9. Marie

    I’m really glad I came across this page!.. I was looking for ideas on where to get that blue background photo.. this helped a lot. thanks!

    btw, Liz.. not sure if you still check back from time to time or not, but how long did it take for you to receive your passport? I know you stated 6 weeks in your earlier post.. was it late by just a few days after that 6 weeks? or was it nearing the 7th week… and do you know if there’s been cases where people have gotten their passports earlier than that? one more thing.. is there a way to speed up the process by paying extra fees?

    .. thanks.

  10. jhenz24

    hi,,im here again try to get some Information.i dont have an old id or expired id,,i have all new id is that posible that i still can get a passport please answer me,,tnx

  11. nove

    gud day po…can i have a passport on my maiden name even im married now already?

  12. Cherry Ercillo

    may i ask if what will be the steps if i discover that my birthdate entry in my passport is wrong.

  13. jhenz24

    mmm,,,im peace off now,,nobody answer me here,,how can i get info here.i need to have passport so i can get tourist visa next month.

  14. mrs.price

    Hi kababayan’s, I’m living in Fort Pierce, Florida… any suggestion kung saan ako magpapakuha ng passport picture with royal blue background? Today, I tried, Sears, Walgreens, Abby’s and Ritz photo studio sa Mall but they can’t help me on this. :C

    Thanks to PJ for a great informative blog.

  15. jhenz24

    tnx mike,i did go that site but thats all about the requiremnts .wat i like to know is, if its possible to get passport without old id.

  16. thea

    Hi. my cousin was about to have his flight last april 24. upon chcking, he discovered that his passport was lost.

    Is there a lane or special case officer taking care of this kind of incident wherein an OFW needs to renew a passport immediately at DFA?

    Affidavit of loss can be obtained backside of DFA right? how about police report? if theres someone experienced this kind of problem, please share. it would be of great help. Thanks! – thea

  17. mariam a convert islam since i married a syrian now processing my papers to change my name,using muslim name already.i’m juz wondering if you know about islam convert(filipino)if i will get passport,will they use my muslim name as my name in the passport or still they will put my name before and juz write a.k.a.for my islam name?i hope you can help me know about this..thank you so much

  18. K


    I applied for passport renewal in Vancouver 2 mos ago and I havent received it yet. I called the Philippine Consulate there to follow it up and the one who answered the phone was a typical govt employee na masungit and unfriendly..Tsk, tsk, hay nako….(sigh). Cant really understand why they have to be bitchy…

    Just sharing..

  19. PJ

    I guess some government people don’t know what it means to be a public servant.

  20. cecille

    hi, gud day !we are leaving this sept.09 going back to UAE with my kids, i dont know if there will be a problem in imigration if i use my child’s passport bearing his baby picture, he is now 4 yrs old.he entered philippines the first time last 2006 and the passport is valid til 20011.

    do i still need to renew his passport?
    and another thing, i talked to online passport service and they said they need the NSO birth cert. eventhough i already have his birth cert. from where he was born (UAE).
    thanks much


    hi. how much did you pay for your son’s passport? thanks.;)

    1. PJ Post author

      Yes, it’s perfectly okay to smile, as long as your features aren’t too distorted – like the Grinch’s grin >8-P (per the DFA passport picture guidelines). But I believe what they recommend is the “Mona Lisa” smile.

  22. namnama rivera

    kailangan pa ba ng mga old ID’s sa
    pagkuha ng pasport? at ano ung mga
    lahat ng kailangan sa pagkuha ng
    pasport? tnx

  23. racel

    hi ask kolang po pwede po ba akung makauwi ng pinas kaht expired na ang phi passport ko.dun konalang sana pinas renew?pls help me

  24. red

    i have also problem with my passport.. my middle name was also wrong spelling.. what are the requirements for this?

  25. Myrnamae,

    hello po,
    ask ko lang po kung ano po ang mga requirtments pag kumuha ng passport, bago lang po kasi ako, pwede po ba un valid ID ko ay Postal ID at wala po akong old ID, peo my certificate ako ng voters ID..
    pwede na po ba un.

  26. Julie Ann

    Hi. ano po ba ang requirement pag mag renew ng passport then nagchange ng name kasi dati po me catholic then nagpa convert po me ng muslim. thanks & best rgds.

  27. tere

    hi.ask ko lang pano mg apply ng passport kung ung anak ko ay walang middle name and her surname is d same with mine.although nakalgay sa b.cert nya ung acknowledgement of paternity.mkkakuha kaya sya passport?

  28. Venus

    hello po…..asking for your kind help….
    nag aaply po kc ng passport yung anak ko. Both of his parents are abroad….nabasa ko po sa net yung mga requirements pero di ko po masyado maintindihan kung paano po iyon gagawin…..please naman po,,,pag may samples po sana kayo nung mga requirements….
    1.affidavit of support and consent
    2. special power of attorney
    tapos,,,through mail ko ho ba ipapadala ang mga iyon?
    thank you very much……please help….

  29. Sara

    Where can I get my passport photo taken with the blue background? I can’t find a place that does it… Where did you go?


    hillo po asking lang ako paano po ba f magkuha ako ng passtport kise hinde ko alam kong paano ako mag kuha kung saan ako mag simula pls guide me how to get a new passtport


    saan mag reply kaayo sir|mam kise hinde ko alam kong paano mag kuha ng passport

  32. Rosario Tan

    Hi…good afternoon to all a employer of DFA ESPECIALLY who’s doing a passport work..

    I just want to ask,what is a very important requirement to the married woman??

    please reply..thank u?

  33. ailene

    hi, can you pls. send me complete requirements in applying for a passport?first time ko pa kasi tsaka gusto ko rin kumuha para sa aking lolo at lola na 65 old na.. tnx po sana magreply po kau soon..-)

  34. ammar murphy

    Hi sir/mam. Can you send me a Complete Requirements about Muslim applicant and can you please inform me an exact schedule with Passporting office or set me an schedule please Send it to my Hotmail Account [email protected]

    Thank You Very Much
    Ammar Murphy

  35. jasmine

    @LIZ dont get me wrong.. did you just laugh at us (Philippines) when you said these words?

    Kaya matagal ngayon kasi pindadala nila sa Manila dahil wala silang pambili ng equipment. Mahirap kasi ang Pinas….ha,ha,ha.

    suddenly i remember Bob Ong’s wordings:

    Walang masama kung gusto mong lisanin ang barkong sa tingin mo’y palubog na. Basta’t wag mo lang hahagisan ng anumang pabigat ang barko habang pinagsusumikapan itong isalba ng ibang tao.”

  36. airamassejwal

    hi po.. gusto ko lang sana itanong kung pwede po itong documents ko..
    ang id ko lang po ay. postal id, barangay id, pwede rin po ba ang voter’s certification po??

    yun lang po kasi ang documents ko eh.. pls po paki answer. asap

    thank u po

  37. christine

    hello! pwede ba akong kumuha ng passport ng new born baby ko kahit hindi kami married ng tatay nya. Kasal ako sa una at gamit ko parin ang apelyedo ng una kong asawa sa lahat ng ID ko even my passport. Nagwowork kami sa abroad ng bago kong partner at gusto namin dalhin ang bata sa abroad. Ang inaalala lang namin ko makakakuha ba kami ng passport ng new born baby? Gusto rin namin gamitin ng bata ang apelyido ng tunay na ama, okey lang ba yon? sana matulungan mo kami.


    Good Morning Po,,.. Ask ko lang po sana kung paano ka ma change yung gender ko po sa passport.. kasi instead po M ang nakalagay ang na input po nila sa passport ko ay F.. ito po yung problema ko.. Pano ko po sya mabago.. at nag pass po ako ng lahat ng requirements nila at lahat ng requirements na dala ko during apperance po sa passport ay walang issue po regarding po sa gender ko po… dahil po sa pangalan ko lang po alam na na lalaki po ako.. so i need your advice kung ano procedure gagawin ko.. kasi po sa bacolod city ko pa po un kunuha eh… Nung March 28, 2014 ko na claim yung passport ko po.. Through LBC po… i need ur help po.. Salamat ng marami.. May God Bless you all..


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